From Volunteering to Employability

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Are you looking to volunteer as a route to employment but not sure how this will increase your chance of getting a job?

4/5 employers will choose people who volunteered over people who haven’t.

This training will enable you to set learning objectives and choose the right organisation for your career; as well as showing you how to record your learning whilst helping you prepare for an interview.

This course will explore the following:

  1. What are the social issues that our community is confronted with
  2. Why do people volunteer and what are your personal reasons for volunteering
  3. How can you make a difference in our community
  4. How volunteering will increase your chances for securing a paid role
  5. How to establish your learning objectives and plan your steps for reaching them.
  6. Choosing the right volunteering role
  7. How to communicate your transferable skills

Duration: Half day

Contact: Rob Darke on or call 0208 960 3722 for further information.